Kiwi Berries

Kiwi Berries

Who knew these even existed? About a week before I found these kiwi berries during a shopping trip to HEB, I saw a video on Instagram about these. It was a short video and I didn’t give to much thought to these, to be honest. But, when I saw them, I decided they were worth a try. I love kiwi, but I hate peeling them. These would allow me to have the awesome kiwi flavor without the hassle of peeling! I can sometimes be lazy, y’all.

These kiwi berries have some of the same benefits of the traditional variety: they are high in vitamin C and E and naturally low in fat and cholesterol. You can find out more about the the nutritional values of these berries here. Now the price is considerably more than the traditional variety. You can purchase one kiwi fruit for about 35 cents. However, a package of these that contained about a dozen kiwi berries were about $5! Definitely not budget-friendly, but I splurged because I was so intrigued.

I washed these up with a little cool water, lemon juice and vinegar, let them dry, then I was ready to taste. They are about the size of a larger grape so you can eat them in one or two bites.

The inside of these look just like a kiwi. And, while the taste is similar, they are a bit sweeter than kiwis usually are. However, the skin is pretty tart so that balances out the sweetness quite nicely.

I really did enjoy these and I do recommend you try them if you like kiwi. But, at $5 a dozen, I don’t think I will purchase them again. I just cannot make that investment again…LOL.

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